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"Forget about trying to compete with someone else. Create your own pathway. Create your own new vision."

Herbie Hancock


I’m a speech path/educator, author, singer-songwriter, and music curator who is devoted to self-care skills/spiritual practice. For me, these passions all intersect and weave together like a spider’s web. This site is organized in such a way that you can check out one strand at a time, although there are many connections between them.

I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan many moons ago. I’ve also lived in Eugene, Oregon, Washington DC, and Madrid, but have been living in San Francisco for the past 30 years and have been blessed to share the last 11 of them with my husband Jorge. I’m devoted to life-long learning, creativity, compassion, social justice as well as dancing and chanting as forms of spiritual practice.

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Jorge and Me. Laughing jpg.jpg
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Artwork by my husband, Jorge. 2020

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