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My Music


In this strand, you will find samples of my music. This includes both sound files or pre-recorded songs as well as videos of new songs sung a capella, which I plan to eventually record with musical accompaniment.

Unconditional Love
Enchiladas Guatemaltecas
A Laryngeal Love Song
The Best Part of My Life
She Who
My Beloved One

Desmond's Song 

This song was written for my friend Desmond who passed quickly and unexpectedly. Aside from images from our personal experiences together, it contains many images from his poems. 

Us and Them

This song, partially inspired by the book Deep Diversity: Overcoming Us vs. Them by Shakil Choudhury. It's a song mainly made up of questions in the hopes that we can find our way forward as a people, in part by integrating spiritual awareness with political activism that goes beyond the right/wrong mentality that so often keeps us stuck in drama. 

Below the Line

This song was inspired by the text The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership by Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman, and Kaley Klemp. These are the people who run the Conscious Leadership Group (CLG). One of their central teachings is with regard to knowing when we are above or below the line then learning to choose to shift when realize we are below the line. When we are below the line, we are on the drama triangle and playing the roles of victim, villain, and hero. When we are above the line, these shift into creator, challenger, and coach. I wrote this song to reflect on the ways that I go below the line. This song is connected to my playlist, The Drama Triangle on which I gather songs written from a victim, villain or hero perspective.

This is a chant that I wrote to be sung at the moment of death. I sing it every day as part of my impermanence practice and as a way to practice gratitude for being alive and embrace the mystery of life and death. 

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