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Jim Cartwright - Self-Care and Spiritual Practices

Self-Care/Spiritual Practices

photo by Bogomil-Mihaylov

In this section, you'll find blogs and videos related to my self-care/spiritual practices. 

“Spirituality is an awareness that there is something far greater than we are, something that created this universe, created life, and that we are an authentic, important, significant part of it and can contribute to its evolution.”
- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


"Spirituality is our connection to each other. It's the energy field between two or more people."

- Harville Hendrix and Helen Lakelly Hunt

Embodied Voice Essay
shot-by-cerqueira-4BJMR0cWO0s-unsplash c
Self-Care Videos Playlist

To view a video from this series of eight videos on Embodied Voice Practice, click on the Play button for that video. Then, click on the square if you want to view a video in full-screen mode.

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